Intro To Designer Pro: Part 1 (Version 4.0)

Welcome to Designer Pro in Splash. To introduce myself, my name is Pete Richardson and I am part of the Education Team, whose main objective is to provide you with the Tools To Be Great. Whether you are an event marketer, event planner, advanced web-designer, or just someone organizing a social gathering, the Splash Content Management System (CMS) is an incredible tool that allows for your wildest digital dreams to come true. This product is incredibly comprehensive, so buckle up as we take you through everything there is to know in Designer Pro. In Part 1, we introduce you to creating an event, setting up your colors and fonts, establishing a familiarity with the design tools and beginning to edit your event page to your liking. Part 2 is a much deeper dive into design, but let's make sure we hit the basics first.

Pete Richardson

Modules in the Course:
1a – Run of Show
1 - Intro To Designer Pro
2 – Splash Terminology
3 – Creating A New Event
4 – Event Overview
5 – Change Themes
6 – Backups
7 – Stages
8 – Editing Your Color Palette
9 – Editing Your Fonts
10 – Rearranging, Renaming, Hiding, and Deleting Blocks
11 – Adding Blocks
12 – Adding Elements
13 – Background Tab
14 – Font Tab
15 – Width & Height Tab
16 – Margin & Padding Tab
17 – Border Tab
18 – Display Tab
19 – Positioning Tab
20 – Properties Tab
21 – Conclusion