The Virtual Event Page

The Virtual Event Page makes it unbelievably easy to create a branded destination for a live stream event and measure its impact in real-time. In this course, you'll learn what the registration and viewing experience will be like from a guest's perspective. Then, as event host, we'll show you how to embed content, perfect the day-of experience utilizing a fully-branded virtual stage, and gate and automate your check-in process for maximum data capture. Most participants will complete the full course within 30 minutes.

Splash Education

Modules in the Course:
Introduction to the Virtual Event Page
The Guest Experience
Host Experience – Setting Up
Host Experience – Zoom Embed
Host Experience – Vimeo Embed
Host Experience – Custom Embed
Host Experience – Link Out
Host Experience – Personalization Tag [virtual_event_url]
Host Experience – Guest List Features
Host Experience – On-Demand
Virtual Event Page – Outro