Splash Revenue Team Catalog

This catalog of courses is used during the onboarding and promotion of revenue employees.

Scaled Events Message

This course covers Splash's 2019 scaled events messaging and the new materials available for client conversations.

Intro To Designer Pro: Margin & Padding

Understand the nuances and best practices of when to use margin and padding, and where! We will be showing you a series of short tutorial videos followed by mini-quizzes to keep you sharp! Advance using the arrow buttons on either side of the browser window and good luck!

Retail Use Case

This course covers an overview of Splash's retail use case and also a series of quizzes. The content includes: * What & Why * Industry Challenges * Key Product Functionality * Tech Stack * Event Types * Personas * Flows * Market Message & Discovery * Pricing Strategy

How to Demo Approval Flows

This course consists of one module that walks through the steps of how to demo Approval Flows.

How to Demo Sessions

This course reviews the breakouts use case, the sessions registration flow and how to demo sessions.

[Internal] New Pricing & Services Quiz

This course is a quiz to test your knowledge on the new pricing and services menu that was rolled out in May 2020.

[Internal]: CSM CPQ Quiz

This is a 20 question quiz on CPQ to test your knowledge.

[Internal]: Sales CPQ Quiz

This is a 20 question quiz to test your knowledge on CPQ.

Intro to Integrations

Data Security GDPR Compliance Integration Basics Overview of Salesforce & Marketo Integrations