Splash Sales Catalog

Intro to Splash: Extended Edition 4.0

Our Extended edition covers all the event management fundamentals of our “Intro" course, but dives deeper into additional high impact topics, such as tracking links, advanced registration settings, quality assurance, design tactics, and more.

Scaled Events Message

This course covers Splash's 2019 scaled events messaging and the new materials available for client conversations.

Intro To Designer Pro: Part 1 (Version 4.0)

Welcome to Designer Pro in Splash. To introduce myself, my name is Pete Richardson and I am part of the Education Team, whose main objective is to provide you with the Tools To Be Great. Whether you are an event marketer, event planner, advanced web-designer, or just someone organizing a social gathering, the Splash Content Management System (CMS) is an incredible tool that allows for your wildest digital dreams to come true. This product is incredibly comprehensive, so buckle up as we take you through everything there is to know in Designer Pro. In Part 1, we introduce you to creating an event, setting up your colors and fonts, establishing a familiarity with the design tools and beginning to edit your event page to your liking. Part 2 is a much deeper dive into design, but let's make sure we hit the basics first.

Intro To Designer Pro: Margin & Padding

Understand the nuances and best practices of when to use margin and padding, and where! We will be showing you a series of short tutorial videos followed by mini-quizzes to keep you sharp! Advance using the arrow buttons on either side of the browser window and good luck!

Intro To Designer Pro: Part 2

Welcome to Intro to Designer Pro: Part 2. To re-introduce myself, my name is Pete Richardson, and I am part of the Education Team, whose main goal is to provide you with the Tools To Be Great. If Part 1 of this course set the pins up for you, then Part 2 will help knock them down. In Part 1, we taught you how to create an event, set up your colors and fonts, establish a familiarity with the design tools and began to edit your event page to your liking. Part 2 is a much deeper dive into design where we take a closer look at imagery, enhance our event page's mobile experience, style out custom registrations forms, and even learn how to save our creations, such as blocks and themes, to our personal libraries.

Marketo Integration

This course will introduce Splash's integration with Marketo, and how to configure and test the integration for success.

Slack Integration

This short course will show you how to set up a Slack integrations to trigger instant notifications for RSVPs, Check-ins, and newly created events.

Splash Host App for Android

This course will teach you how to use the Splash Host app to manage check-in, walk-in registrations, and various other on-site processes.

What's New? Form Builder

This course is a quick tour of Splash's Form Builder — walking you through its latest upgrades and new functionality.

What's New?: Navigation & UI

This short course will walk you through the recent upgrades made to the user interface, dashboards, and navigation.

Retail Use Case

This course covers an overview of Splash's retail use case and also a series of quizzes. The content includes: * What & Why * Industry Challenges * Key Product Functionality * Tech Stack * Event Types * Personas * Flows * Market Message & Discovery * Pricing Strategy

How to Demo Approval Flows

This course consists of one module that walks through the steps of how to demo Approval Flows.

Hub Fundamentals

This short course covers all the basics for creating your first event Hub, publishing events, and configuring essential settings. Most learners will finish in about 12 minutes.